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At SJHL, we believe the key to providing excellent Payroll Service is to personalize it to meet your specific needs.
We offer excellent services to help simplify your payroll management and timekeeping tasks.
Our services will help free up something we could all use more of  … time!

Our Core Services:

Real-time, web-based services. Available anytime, anywhere.

Accrual Tracking: manage employees' vacation, sick leave and other time off.

- Employee Self-Service: employees can view deductions, direct deposits, pay history and more!

No Software Installation: upgrades and maintenance are automatically provided.

Tax Filings: all filings are covered! Payroll, quarterly
and year-end, along with w-2s.

TIME & LABOR SOLUTIONS (Learn more here!)
Save a tremendous amount of time, paper and effort!

Convenient Time Clock Options: employee access is virtually limitless! Traditional Time Clock, Computer, Cellular Phone, iPad, etc. 

Attendance Tracking: shows any infractions (absent, late, missing punch). 

Easily Customized: pay periods, dates, overtime rules, pay differentials and more!
Supervisor Edits: process and apply rules for supervisors

Stay compliant and save money with these offerings.

Enrollment, Management and Compliance: for Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts and COBRA.

COBRA: Notices, Premium Collection, Employer and Qualified Beneficiary Portals taken care of through these services.

ACA: Let us help tackle the reporting requirements for your business.

Let us focus on your HR needs so you can focus on building your organization. Our online catalog includes essential elements like: Handbook, Policy Library, Job Descriptions, and more!

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